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Linz, Oct 9, 2003

Re:Location 2 + 5
Austria / Slovakia / Romania
Oct 10 – Nov 9, 2003

A cooperation of

Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava,
Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana, Bukarest, Romania
and O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst OÖ

Re:Location is a European-wide artist in residence and exhibition program consisting of a series of bilateral cooperations among art institutions, which have joined together to form the network "Art Centers of Europe".

Re:Location 2
Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana, Bucharest, Romania,
July 14 – 30, 2003
O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst OÖ, Oct 10 – Nov 9, 2003

artists: Yvette Martini, Nicoleta Mocanu, Barbara Musil, Markus Seidl
curators: Maria Rus Bojan (RO/NL), Irina Cios (RO), Martin Sturm

Re:Location 5
O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst OÖ, Oct 10 – Nov 9, 2003
Galéria Jána Koniarka in Trnava, SK, Dec 9 2003 – Feb. 20, 2004

artists: Herr Mario, Emöke Vargová
curators: Vera Janceková (SK), Martin Sturm (A)

The O.K Center for Contemporary Art continues its dialogue-oriented series with other countries in the exhibition Re:Location. Artists from the respective countries of the partner organizations are invited for a working visit and presentation of new works created on site.

Unlike the national touring exhibitions that are as popular as they are worn out, Re:Location is an attempt to develop new, high quality forms of collaboration, rather than just being limited to the publication of a joint catalogue or passing on finished works in conformity to the market. Re:Location means the shifting and "re-location" of aesthetic artistic practice or one's own institutional work, which results from an intensive confrontation and exchange between two or more positions, geographical locations or social situations. Closely studying the specific cultural and social environment of the respective partner institution, joint curatorial and organizational planning are as much a part of the repertoire as researching the artist scene on site and taking care of the artists' logistical and production-technical needs.

The Re:Location projects with the Jána Koniarka Gallery in Trnava (Slovakia) and the Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana (CIAC) in Bucharest (Romania) are now presented in Linz as a group exhibition of six artists. As artists in residence the Austrian artists Markus Seidl and Barbara Musil developed new works in Cluj, Romania, and the Romanian artists Yvette Martini and Nicoleta Mocanu conversely at the O.K in Linz. Herr Mario was in Trnava, Slovakia, and Emöke Vargová in exchange in Austria.

Herr Mario (A) "Herr Mario spielt Fußball #9 - Trainingslager Trnava (Laufarbeit)"

Herr Mario continues his interest in the complex world of football in Trnava. Trnava, hometown of the FC Spartak, formerly an important bishop's see, has an expansive historical city center. "Herr Mario" defines this city center as a "football field" in the course of a performance: the stadium and the Galéria Jána Koniarka, across from one another at the farthest corners of the center, mark the starting point and goal of the field. "Herr Mario" traverses the city itself a total of eight time, covering all possible routes running with a ball, while being filmed by a camera. At the O.K "Herr Mario" documents this football intervention in precisely looped short shots of his run as a video installation, ultimately representing the city of Trnava as a football field in the form of an (abstract) lawn object.

A cooperation with Galeria Jána Koniarka

Herr Mario, born 1977 in Salzburg
1993-1997, studied science of journalism (University of Salzburg)
since October 1999, University of Art and Design, Linz

former teams: Union Henndorf, Salzburger Lemminge, SHC 83 ASKÖ Lichtenberg, Strom United
current team: FC Antonius Linz

Yvette Martini (RO) "The Eternal Love Triangular – Ménage à trois"

Over months of research a small library was set up in the O.K on the theme of menage a trois from the most diverse areas – from self-help to classical literature all the way to mathematics. The intimate space of love triangles becomes public in the installation. Three rocking chairs that define this space invite visitors to use it – to read the books, but also to come into contact with the other "rockers". A field of terms on the floor documents the course of the research.
Most of the books for this project were kindly provided on loan from the Upper Austrian Provincial Library and the Municipal Library of Vienna.

A cooperation with Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana (CIAC), Bucharest, Romania

Yvette Martini, born 1976 in Secuiesc, Rumania; lives and works in Budapest.
Studied Visual Art at the Art Academy in Cluj/RO
2003/2 Artist in Residence at the O.K in Linz/A

Nicoleta Mocanu (RO) "Waiting Room"

A coffeehouse ambient at the O.K becomes a waiting room for heaven. A video with interviews with young people about their "orientation", their favorite place and ideas about what heaven or happiness could mean for them is played in via a mirror-like display to pass the time for those waiting – similar to an airport.

A cooperation with Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana (CIAC), Bucharest, Romania

Nicoleta Mocanu
born 1977 in Arad, Romania
studied 1995-2000, University of Art and Design, Graphic department, Cluj, Romania
2000-2002 University of Art and Design, Master degree, Photo/Video department, Cluj, Romania

Barbara Musil (A) "Alert"

The characteristic backdrop of sound – sirens, alarms – and the high noise level of the city of Cluj were the starting point for the work "Alert". Barbara Musil reprogrammed the alarm systems of ten vehicles from the region of Cluj and replaced the alarm signal with songs and texts relating to the theme of "theft". With these installed in the cars as a "permanent intervention", she left behind her own acoustic note in Cluj. Cars as objects of representation and value insurance are among the motifs mentioned in the interviews with the owners of the new alarm systems. In addition to the documentation of this project, Barbara Musil brings an acoustic and visual translation of the location to the O.K.

A cooperation with Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana (CIAC), Bucharest, Romania

Barbara Musil, 1972 born in Salzburg
doctor of medicine since 1999
1998 Kunstuniversität Linz, Meisterklasse Experimentelle Gestaltung
2000-2001 lived and worked in Berlin
2003 Residency in Cluj, Rumänien

Markus Seidl (A) "pauzele“
pauzele lungi si dese, cheia marilor succese."
the longer the break the bigger the success. gut ding braucht weile.

Markus Seidl deals with the value and valuing of work, for instance in his project "A Village Does Nothing" for the Festival of the Regions 2001. In the course of his scholarship stay in Rumania, he further developed this approach site-specifically with artists from Cluj: starting from the linguistic observation that the Rumanian language has numerous expressions for paraphrasing the relationship between work and doing nothing, he had Rumanian artists stage sayings and aphorisms on the theme of "leisure" and documented their ideas in photographs.

A cooperation with Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana (CIAC), Bucharest, Romania

Markus Seidl, living in Linz and Vienna, working mainly with the Stadtwerkstatt/Linz and the Kunstradio/Vienna.
Since 1996 he is working on fundamental radio with his long term collaborateur August Black; with Elisabeth Schimana he realized the project
"a village does nothing" whithin the "Festival der Regionen 2001"
2003 residency in Fujino / Japan

Emöke Vargová (SK) „SCHÖNER WOHNEN
Building + Renovating - Work Room: Points Create Atmosphere

In the continuation of her interest in the magazine "SCHÖNER WOHNEN"
("More Beautiful Living") and the topics it deals with, Emöke Vargová
created the fourth installation in this series at the O.K in a former
classroom. Contrary to conventional ideas about furnishing rooms, at O.K
the walls and floors are uncovered like patterns in a quasi archaeological
procedure. As a kind of anti-design patterns are incised in the material
substance of the room, and the colorful layers that emerge in the process
are time segments of former exhibitions.

A cooperation with Galeria Jána Koniarka

Emöke Vargová, born 1965 in Dunajská Streda/SK
lives and works in Bratislava,
studied at the Hochschule für Angewandt Kunst in Bratislava (VŠVU), where she is now teaching


Maria Rus Bojan (RO/NL)
Vera Janceková (SK)
Martin Sturm (A)
Stella Rollig, Roland Schöny (Re:Location Cluj)

Next Date:
Galéria Jána Koniarka in Trnava
(9 December – 20 February 2004)
Slovakia / Austria
Artists: Ella Raidel, Mario Sinnhofer and Emoke Vargova

Re:location 2 is supported by
European Union, Culture 2000 Program
KulturKontakt, Austria
Artist Union, Cluj, Romania
Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania
Ministery of Public Information, Romania
Art Studio Foundatio, Cluj, Romania

Re:Location 5 is supported by
European Union, Culture 2000 Program
Austrian Cultural Forum, Bratislava, Slovakia
Ministery of Culture, Slovak Republic
Errata (civic association)

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