Living growing wall

The images and objects in Nizri's art installations refer to the history of Israel and the oppressed part of the Sephardim. Nizri interlocks images from Israeli commercial graphics with objects from Arab-Israeli everyday culture, thus conducting a visual discourse on visibility, representation and the question of collective cultural references in an extremely heterogeneous society.

Tal Adler  
Oreet Ashery  
Yael Bartana  
Zvi Efrat  
Tirtza Even  
Meir Gal  
Horit Herman Peled  
Dana Levy with Marc Lafia and Didi Fire  
Adi Nes  
Yigal Nizri  
Maria Pomiansky  
Guy Raz  
Roee Rosen  
Eran Schaerf  
Khen Shish