Bartana's theme is militarization as part of Israel's national
self-understanding. In the video projection "Trembling Time", she deals with
the moment of collective remembrance on the Day of the Fallen Soldier, which
brings all of Israel to a standstill. "Disembodying the National Army Tune"
is an ironic object from the army's repertoire of forms (flagpole
loudspeaker), whose sound intones the heroic military anthem as an awkward
vocal rendition, as every Israeli is necessarily capable of reproducing it
due to military service.

Born 1970, Israel. Lives and works in The Netherlands and Israel

Solo exhibition:
2002 Beelden aan zee museum, 'Trembling Time, Scheveningen, NL
2002 Digital Art Lab, 'Variables X Y Z', Holon, ISL
2001 Caermersklooster, Gent, BE

Selected group exhibitions:
2002 Brugge Culture Capital of Europe, 'What? A tale in free images', Brugge , BE. 2002 Galerie Hohenlohe & Kalb, 'say hello wave goodbye', Vienna, AU.
2002 Manifesta 4, European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Frankfurt am Main, DE. 2002 MIT List Visual Center,'Tele-Journeys', Cambridge, US
2002 The 4th Gwangju biennale, Gwangju, KR. 2002 De Paviljoens,non-linear editing', Almere NL

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