Oreet Ashery

"Marcus Fisher" is Ashery's alter-ego: an orthodox, homosexual Jew. Her role play in performances and staged photography derives from the discomfort and lack of understanding between orthodox and secular Jews, one of the major lines of division in Israeli society. While referring to the historical construction of the male Jewish body as (Hasidic) victim vs. the (Zionistic) warrior, she assails the taboos of homosexuality and transvestitism that are still in effect for orthodox Jews.

Oreet Ashery is a London-based artist. Her interdisciplinary practice encompasses performance, interventions, video, sound, photography and writing. The work is shown internationally in galleries, cinemas, clubs, homes, the streets, live art and film festivals, and television. Oreet is interested in the integration between art and life, further mutations of current art practices, and notions of the Event with audience as participants. Her work uses the body in relation to culture and location.

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