With his projects "Pettek" and the "Alternative Elections", born by an art collective that presents itself as a political party, Adler suggests a different public discourse in Israel that is dominated by the military and religion. "Pettek" emphasizes the significance of art in the development of an open society.

Born 1969, Jerusalem, Israel.
Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Department of fine arts; The Sam Spiegel film & television school; Jerusalem school of photography.

Solo exhibitions:
2001 Gallery Annet Gelink, Amsterdam.
1999 Wizo Canada Haifa, photography department gallery.
1994 "Nidbach" project, the Jerusalem artists house.

selected Group exhibitions:
2003 "Critic is not enough", Zuerich, Switzerland.
2002 "Frieden Weltverts", Schlaining, Austria.
2002 “Big Torino” Biennial for young art, Torino, Italy.
2001 “Arte Al Centro 2001” “Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto”, Biella, Italy.

Tal Adler  
Oreet Ashery  
Yael Bartana  
Zvi Efrat  
Tirtza Even  
Meir Gal  
Horit Herman Peled  
Dana Levy with Marc Lafia and Didi Fire  
Adi Nes  
Yigal Nizri  
Maria Pomiansky  
Guy Raz  
Roee Rosen  
Eran Schaerf  
Khen Shish