The Promise, the Land
Jewish-Israeli Artists in Relation to Politics and Society

Exhibition: 7 March - 27 April 2003



Foto: Adi Nes

Israel: founded as the Jewish State, today with a fifth of its population Palestinians, marked by a multitude of conflicts between religious and secular, European and Arabic Jews, a permanent hotspot of military crisis, with which Austria has a special connection through a shared history.
How are echoes of one's own victim status as a Jewish artist articulated in positions on politics with respect to the Palestinians? How can objections to one-dimensional constructions of identity be formulated without turning a blind eye to one's own respective position in society? How are criticism,
dissidence, resistance, alienation and mental destabilization expressed? Which visual languages are appended or opposed to mass media depictions?
This exhibition represents an attempt to counter the latent encroachment of anti-Semitic undertones in the criticism of the current politics of the state of Israel, which can be observed in European debates, with a differentiation. An information display conveying political and economic facts, a film program and a symposium complete the project.


Tal Adler (Tel Aviv)
Oreet Ashery (London)
Yael Bartana (Amsterdam)
Project borderlinedisorder
Tirtza Even (New York City)
Meir Gal (New York City)
Horit Herman Peled (Tel Aviv)
Dana Levy with Marc Lafia and Didi Fire (Tel Aviv)
Adi Nes (Tel Aviv)
Yigal Nizri (Tel Aviv)
Maria Pomiansky (Tel Aviv)
Guy Raz (Tel Aviv)
Roee Rosen (Israel)
Eran Schaerf (Berlin)
Khen Shish (Tel Aviv)

symposium: Remapping the Region